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QGCA Xanadubengals Tabytha of Paddypawz (Now Retired)

Tabytha is now retired. She is enjoying a lovely pet life with us, and is doing very well being shown as an alter.

SIRE - Benberry Snow Blizzard

DAM - Cloudedbengals Elisha

DOB - 12/05/2019

Beautiful Tabytha was our first ever breeding queen. She is a brown rosetted Bengal with beautiful glittering and fab contrast. She has a wild looking face and lovely rounded green eyes. Tabytha has a really sweet nature and is very affectionate and friendly. She produced one stunning brown boy in her first litter, but sadly she could not have any more kittens and is now neutered and enjoying her pet life with us. We have started showing her in the alter class with TICA and she has done very well already, gaining her Quadruple Grand Champion Alter title in a short time, which we are so proud of her for! We would like to say thank you to Sharon at Xanadubengals for entrusting us with this adorable girl. 

Tabytha also carries seal lynx C/cs and is pure for spots.

PRA/b carrier

PKDef normal

HCM screened normal January 2020

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