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Paddypwaz Mirabel.jpg

Paddypawz Mirabel

Introducing our upcoming keeper Queen for 2023

SIRE - Goldnglitz Bear of Paddypawz

DAM - Xanadubengals Mia of Paddypawz

DOB - 08/09/2022

Mirabel is one of our keeper girls for 2023, from Mia and Bear. she is very sweet and playful like her mum, and has lovely small dark brown rosettes with lots of contrast. We knew she would be staying with us, she has as amazing profile and a very wild looking face from her mum Mia. She is still quite a small girl at the moment, we can't wait to see how she develops as she grows up and what kittens she produces in the future! We are very glad we kept this sweet girl for our program as she is just becoming more and more stunning as she grows up!

Mirabel is brown, carrying lynx or sepia C/cs or C/cb and possibly Apb/A, she will be colour tested soon

PRA/b normal by parentage

PKDef normal by parentage

Will be HCM screened soon

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