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Silverglitz Zelda of Paddypawz

Introducing our new mink Queen for 2021

SIRE - Elysor Rise and Shine of Goldnglitz

DAM - PurebengalsGB Saska of Silverglitz

DOB - 17/10/2020

We would like to introduce our lovely seal mink Queen, Zelda, who we are very excited to have in our program as she can potentially produce charcoal kittens. Zelda has a lovely glittered coat with a nice pattern to her rosettes, and we love how sweet and affectionate she is. She has had one litter so far of seal lynx, mink and sepia kittens, and we can't wait to see the kittens she produces in future with our new stud boy Mochi. We would like to say thank you to Jayne at Goldnglitz Bengals for entrusting us with this special little girl.

Zelda is seal mink cs/cb and Apb/A

PRA/b normal by parentage

PKDef normal by parentage

Will be HCM screened soon

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