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SGC Shimer Shine of Paddypawz (Missy)

Missy is our outstanding new girl for 2022. She had already achieved the title of Supreme Grand Champion by the age of 10 months!

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Paddypawz Heavenly Venus

Venus is our gorgeous seal mink keeper girl from Silverglitz Zelda and RW QGC Xanadubengals Indy of JCJC Bengals.

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Paddypawz Marie

Marie just had to stay. She will be our new show girl in the Alter category.

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Xanadubengals Mia of Paddypawz 

Mia is our beautiful new seal mink queen for 2022.


Xanadubengals Lyra of Paddypawz

Lyra is our lovely seal lynx queen - she produces the most stunning kittens with our boy Goldnglitz Bear.

Silverglitz Zelda of Paddypawz

Zelda is our fabulous mink queen. She is due to be mated with our new boy Xanadubengals Mochi shortly.

zelda website.jpg

RW QGCA Xanadubengals Tildy

Tildy is our gorgeous show girl and is a Regional Winner and Quadruple Grand Champion Alter.

Queens: Females

Retired Queens

These are our beautiful retired girls


QGCA Xanadubengals Tabytha of Paddypawz (Now Retired)

Our new queen for 2020

Queens: Females
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