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Previous Litters

These are our past litters, please check our Available Kittens page for our current kittens available to reserve.

Missy's litter born 20/01/2023

We are very happy to announce that our beautiful brown queen SGC Shimer Shine (Missy) has given birth to a litter of three gorgeous babies on the 20th of January 2023. Dad is our home bred stud boy Paddypawz Teddy Bear. There are two girls, one brown and one seal lynx, and one seal lynx boy. They are very lovely and sweet kittens, and mum is a Supreme Grand Champion with TICA and from an international pedigree.

We have kept beautiful Nymeria for our breeding program, and Lady and Ghost have now gone to their new homes. Check are gallery for more pictures of them!

Mia's litter born 08/09/2022

Mia's litter of 6 beautiful Bengal kittens was born on the 8th of September 2022. Dad is our handsome stud boy Goldnglitz Bear. The litter consists of 1 brown rosetted boy, 2 seal mink rosetted boys, 1 seal sepia rosetted boy and 2 brown rosetted girls.


All of the kittens have now gone to their new homes, apart from Mirabel who is staying with us as a keeper girl. To see more pictures of the kittens, please visit our gallery page.


Lyra's litter born 11/07/2022 

We are excited to announce the arrival of 5 beautiful brown rosetted kittens born on 11/07/2022! Mum is Xanadubengals Lyra of Paddypawz and dad is Goldnglitz Bear of Paddypawz. The litter consists of 3 boys and 2 girls.


Lyra's kittens have all now gone to their new homes! We have kept Diego as a new stud boy for our breeding program, and we are sure he will be a great addition to our program. You can find more pictures of the kittens in our gallery.


Lyra and babies.JPG

Zelda's litter born 03/02/2022

We have 7 beautiful kittens from our stunning mink queen Silverglitz Zelda of Paddypawz. Their dad is RW QGC Xanadubengals Indy of JCJCBengals, thank you to Sammie at JCJCBengals for letting us use her amazing champion stud boy. We have 2 seal lynx boys, 1 seal mink boy, 2 seal mink girls, and 2 seal sepia boys. 

Zelda's kittens have all now gone to their new homes, apart from Venus who we have kept as a future breeding queen, and Teddy Bear who is now neutered and companion to some of our active girls. Check out our gallery for more photos of them!


Teddy Bear

Seal lynx rosetted boy


Seal lynx rosetted boy



Seal sepia rosetted boy


Seal mink rosetted girl



Seal mink rosetted girl


Seal mink rosetted boy



Seal sepia rosetted boy

Lyra's litter born 28/12/2021

We are pleased to announce that Xanadubengals Lyra of Paddypawz gave birth to a litter of five kittens on 28th December 2021. Dad is our stud boy Goldnglitz Bear of Paddypawz. We have three brown rosetted kittens (2 male, 1 female) and 2 mink rosetted kittens (1 male, 1 female).


Lyra's kittens have now all gone to their new homes, apart from Marie who we have kept to be a show alter. Check out our gallery for more pictures of them.



Seal mink rosetted boy


Brown rosetted boy



Brown rosetted boy


Brown rosetted keeper girl



Seal mink rosetted girl

Tabytha's Litter born 27/08/2020

Xanadubengals Tabytha of Paddypawz had a litter of one beautiful brown rosetted boy. Sire is Goldnglitz Bear owned by Jayne at Goldnglitz Bengals.



Brown rosetted boy

Archie has now gone to his new home. Check our gallery for more pictures of him.

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