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RW QGCA Xanadubengals Tildy

Our beautiful show girl

SIRE - Benberry Snow Blizzard(IMP)

DAM - Xanadubengals Strike A Pose

DOB - 10/12/2018

Tildy is our stunning show girl, and is our first breeding Queen Tabytha's half sister. We show Tildy with TICA in the alter class and she has already achieved Quadruple Grand Champion Alter title, and been a Regional Winner three years in a row! Tildy has a great temperament with the judges at cat shows as she is a big softie and always wants cuddles. She has beautiful large donut rosettes with lovely contrast, and big green eyes. She has an amazing glittered pelt and is very soft to touch. We would also like to thank Sharon at Xanadubengals for this girl as she is the most amazing pet we could ask for.

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